As per the recent updates, Maoist Communist Party has issued a warning regarding support in the contract works for ongoing construction of Manipur University’s infrastructures by existing unions in the campus. Maoist asked Manipur University Teachers’ Association (MUTA), research scholars and Manipur University Students’ Union to refrain themselves from joining in the contract works.
This rebel group also appealed other groups to avoid any sort of threat to the community of teachers for being part of these contract works in Manipur University colleges and institutions.
The Maoist Communist Party also clarifies that this should be counted as the last warning for those in the academic circle to stay away from all sorts of contract works related to Manipur University’s infrastructures. They are always ready for protecting the rights of intellectuals and they will not bear any sort of pressure from any group or authorities over teachers, research scholars and students.
In the recent press release from the Maoist group, the group declared that they are not against earning money by the owners of existing private schools. They would not interfere in their business, but also not remain silent after seeing a usage of teachers like the scapegoat in these private schools.
According to the group, there is a visible division among the communities of teachers and students and it is also reflected to the society. Group has also criticized MUSU and said that this union is going in the wrong direction. MUSU is now a student union without any sincere movement and just a place for power hunters.
The rebel outfit appealed all to avoid any activity that can disturb the academic atmosphere of this university. There should be no clash among the existing communities in Manipur University for contract works.