Popular aromatic black rice from Manipur, Chakhao, will soon be available in the supermarkets across the globe. Some locals also named it as Chakhao. It has similar taste and food value of Japanese variety rice.
Chakhao rice is presently sold at Rs 100 a kilogram in Imphal. The Haryana-based company, High Vision Consultants, is going to promote it in the global market.  
However, MS Khaidem of Manipur Small Farmers’ Agri-Business Consortium Imphal has also given some sort of advice for this task. He said that some sort of product diversification has to be done as every family cannot consume Chakhao as a daily diet.
Sanjay Kumar Swami of High Vision Consultants said, “I can give assurance that we are going as per government norms. The company is working with local stakeholders too.”
In Manipur, State Government has also worked for promoting cultivation of Chakhao in 2,000 hectares of land under the scheme Mission Organic Value Chain Development.

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