Manoj Kumar, living in Mandvi Village, Sangrur, Punjab, was just a daily wage labour till a few days ago. He along with his wife Raj Kaur earned just Rs250 per day by working at a local brick kiln near their village and used to live their livelihood and feeding their four children with that income. Their life was limited to planning their next 24 hours of survival and that’s it.
However, everything is changed now that Manoj has won a lottery worth Rs1.5 crore organized by the state government on the occasion of Rakhi. Now that he has become a crorepati, property agents and bankers are approaching him with much great investment offers worth several lakhs.
Moreover, the interesting fact is that he borrowed Rs200 from his neighbour in order to buy this lottery ticket. Also, this was apparently his first time buying any lottery ticket. Now, Manoj has to plan not just next 24 hours of his life but a future that his bright for him and his family.
Manoj has three daughters, the eldest of which has completed her 12th class and was looking for a job in Punjab. However, Manoj has called her back from her job hunt, so that she could continue her studies and join the police force, just like she had once planned.

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