Police have successfully unfolded the murder mystery behind a blindfold man’s dead body found a service lane near the Advant Business Park, Noida. This was about a triangle story.
Four years ago, Rahim and Israfil, fell for this same girl Saira on a Delhi-Katihar train travel. Both got off before Katihar, their home town, to escort her to Muzaffarpur, her home town.  Rahim and Israfil returned home but began competing for her attention.
Saira gravitated towards Israfil. The two started meeting. She worked in Dwarka and Israfil in Noida. But, Israfil married another woman two years ago. And Rahim returned to Saira’s life, this time as her boyfriend.
However, Saira and Israfil kept meeting secretly. But when, finally, she started trying to distance herself from him, the affair turned murky. Saira told police Israfil had started blackmailing that drove her into a blind rage.
On September 2, Saira called Israfil and asked him to meet her at Noida City Centre Metro station. Both headed towards Noida Expressway in Israfil’s auto-rickshaw. Rahim had also followed them.
Police said she blindfold Israfil with her dupatta and slit his throat. Rahim also walked to the spot and stabbed Israfil several times. Police got them by analyzing Mobile location history of these two men and that woman. Both have been arrested.

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