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This Is The Amount Of Salt You Need To Have To Avoid Health Issues

The Lancet is a renowned international weekly general medical journal founded in 1823 by Thomas Wakely. This journal has strived to make science available for everyone so that medicine can serve, and transform society, and positively impact the lives of people. According to a recently published study in The Lancet, Salt can’t damage anyone’s health

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The Secret To Queen Elizabeth's Longevity

Across the globe, Queen Elizabeth II is the oldest head of state. Sharp as ever, even at the age mark of 92. Her age is almost one decade over the average life expectancy of UK women. She must be having something right in her daily schedule. Certainly, she has a status where one has unparalleled

Researchers Are Developing A Device That Can Edit Brain Activity

Yes, this is nothing short of an Arnold Schwarzenegger’s sci-fi movie. However, this is a genuine report. In the University of California Berkely, Neuroscientists are building a device that’ll hack our brains. Using this device, hacking of a brain will be possible. Its proper use can even edit our feelings and memory. You might be