In Imphal, a study conducted to assess the ambient air, noise and emission of smoke found that the main cause of pollution and air diseases are the vehicles older than 15 years. Hence, any vehicles which are 15 years or older will be seized by the government in order to create a pollution free environment and also to reduce the cause of diseases.
L. Radhakishor Singh, the Chairman of Manipur Pollution Control Board, gave a statement during the third day of the pollution drive conducted in front of Nupi Lal Complex, Imphal. He said that it was found on the first day itself that the air pollution is beyond the safe level and the condition of the air too is at a vulnerable condition.
He added to the statement that the next days of the drive by the department also found that the concentration of ambient air particles is at least twice in excess of the safe level. Radhakishor further added that the main cause of this excess air pollution is the diesel engine vehicles especially the passenger service vehicles run on diesel.
However, the issued order is yet to be properly implemented yet because there are many modified vehicles with loud silencers driving the streets causing hazardous noise pollution. Radhakishor, also pointed out that the screening drive is conducted by the Chief Minister N Biren, who aims to make the state pollution free.
Radhakishor also promised that all the vehicles which are 15 years or older will be seized in order to make the state pollution free.

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