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New Zealand Lady Minister Cycles To Hospital To Give Birth

In New Zealand, a lady minister has covered path of many kilometers from her home to hospital’s maternity ward on a bicycle. Green Party MP Julie Anne Genter did this in her 42nd week of pregnancy. Genter is a strong cycling advocate. She is working as Minister for Woman and Associate Minister for Transport and

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Indian Sexually Assaulted Sleeping Woman On US  Flight As His Wife Sat Next To Him

On Friday, one Indian IT manager has been convicted of sexually assaulting a sleeping woman during Detroit-bound flight in the US. Prabhu Ramamoorthy, 35-year-old Indian, got lifelong prison and if released earlier, he will be deported back to India. Around seven months ago, he assaulted the 22-year-old woman during a Spirit Airlines flight from Las

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Like It Or Not, Google Tracks Your Movements

One recent Associated Press investigation found that Google services on Android devices and iPhones save data of your location. Google wants to recognize where you go so badly that it records your movements even when you explicitly tell it not to. Yes, Google is capable of doing this even after your privacy settings to evade

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Flaw In WhatsApp Allows Hackers To Send Fake Messages, Company Responds

On Wednesday, Researchers at Israeli cybersecurity firm, CheckPoint said that they had found a flaw in WhatsApp and using it; any hacker can modify and send fake messages. It is easily possible that one hacker can intercept and manipulate messages sent by those in a group or private conversation. It can be used to create

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Chandrayaan-2 Launch Put Off: India, Israel In Lunar Race For 4th Position

Till now, only three countries US, Russia and China have been able to soft-land its spacecraft on the mission’s surface. With Israel too planning to launch a moon mission in December, it will be a race between Tel Aviv and New Delhi for the fourth position in the world to land on the moon. However,

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Mom: Osama Was A Good Kid Who Got ‘Brainwashed’

Alia Ghanem, mother of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has described her son as a “good kid” who was “brainwashed” by fundamentalists. Speaking from her home in Saudi Arabia, she said that it never crossed her mind that he would become a jihadist. When she learned what her son had become, she said she was

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US Says No Decision Yet On Donald Trump’s Visit To India For 2019 Republic Day

India has invited Trump to be the chief guest at the Republic Day parade in 2019. On Wednesday, The White House acknowledged that US President has been invited, but said no decision has been taken at the moment. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said, “I know that the invitation has been extended, but I don’t believe

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Indian-Australian, 3 Others Win ‘Nobel Of Maths’

On Wednesday, this year’s recipients of the Fields Medal; the Nobel Prize of mathematics were announced at International Congress of Mathematicians in Rio de Janeiro. Indian-Australian mathematician Akshay Venkatesh is also part of this list. New Delhi-born Venkatesh is currently teaching at Stanford University, has won the Fields Medal for his “profound contributions to an

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Rescued Trafficked Girls From Bangladesh

Four Bangladeshi girls were rescued from being trafficked by a team of Kakching Police on Saturday morning. A woman involved in human trafficking was arrested while the main accused person fled from the scene. A Human Trafficking case has been registered by the Kakching Police and the search for main accused is still going on.

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US Court Awards 21 Indians Up To 20 Years In Jail For Call Centre Scam

21 members of a “Telefraud Scam” has given sentence by US authorities for the fraud done by Americans and legal immigrants. On Friday, all of them were given jail terms, up to 20 years for some. These are either Indians or naturalised Americans of Indian descent. Several of them will be deported back to India

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