Yesterday, family members of Pravish Chanam paid their condolences on the first death anniversary of Pravish Chanam at Uripok Achom leikai. He was brutally killed at greater Noida last year
Pravish’s father, Chanam Jugindro said that anyone’s death is unpredictable. However, uncertain death is very hard to bear. Pravish was a very social person. The manner in which Pravish died is really sad. There is a big doubt that some of his friends will be part of the murder because they did not file any missing report in the police station. He further appealed for people’s participation in bringing justice for his son.
Later, one public march was also organized towards the chief minister’s bungalow, but they were intercepted by the police at Nagamapal. Some representatives were only allowed to submit a letter to the public relations officer.

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