Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha is optimistic about the easier air taxi operation in India in really near future because of the latest drone policy.
On Thursday, he tweeted about his optimism. This tweet came just after his meeting with a delegation from Uber. Uber is planning aerial taxi service in India.
The Minister tweeted, “Met with @Uber Elevate team. India offers an encouraging and responsive regulatory framework to solve the challenge of urban transportation. With our progressive drone policies, we want to see air taxis becoming a reality soon!”
Last month, the Indian government unveiled the guidelines for commercial use of drones in the country from December 1, 2018. Considering that, the company is planning aerial taxi service in India.
Uber is going to commercially launch this aerial taxi service in Dallas and Los Angeles cities of the US. It has shortlisted five countries – India, Japan, Australia, Brazil and France. Ministry of Civil Aviation stated that the Uber team had come to understand the possibilities for the concept of AirTaxi in the India airspace.
Uber aviation programme will use vehicles those are akin to helicopters with multiple rotors. In Mumbai, Eric Allison, chief executive for this programme, shared that these vehicles will fly low to keep the airspace free for jets and also have low noise level. The cost of flying through the Uber service will be at par with its taxis.

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