Armed rebel group Maoist Communist Party Manipur has recently released a statement and clearly warned Catholic schools for their stand against the indigenous people in Manipur. The rebel outfit said that these schools are avoiding participation of the indigenous people in administration of their schools. These schools are more offering opportunities to the non-Manipuris.
Maoist outfit further said that this sort of stand by the Catholic schools in the state is absolutely against the interest of the indigenous people. The Maoist had never interfered in other religious activities of all these Catholic missionaries. But, this indecent act of these missionaries can’t be accepted.
Maoist Communist Party Manipur also blamed the Little Flower, Nirmalabas and St. Joshep Schools in Imphal for collecting indecent admission fee.
In the statement, group have also stated that these three are offering new admission to only 100 students on the basis of lottery  and allowing other 200 on quotas to CSOs along with few others on recommendation from Bishop. However, the CSOs were allowed only for 2 seats. Another concern is about admission fee for these Catholic Schools. Catholic School Canchipur is having admission fee of Rs.3600, but Nirmalabas, LFS and St. Joshep are having nearly Rs.6000 as admission fee.
This rebel group had already warned these Catholic Schools regarding these sorts of corruption concerns in admissions and also about negligence to indigenous people.
After 10 days, there is no possible reply in a positive way from these schools. Now, Maoist Communist Party Manipur has decided to consult with the indigenous people of the state on necessary action against these school authorities.
The rebel group have also warned and further said any unwanted consequences will be counted as the responsibility of the Bishops who had come from outside the state.