In the recent Press Release by Maoist Communist Party, Manipur, the group has slammed state government for its inability to control the famous festival, ‘Thabal Chongba’. The group has stated that it is being continued in a similar manner at various places. This festival should be counted as part of the regional tradition and should have limitations.  ‘Thabal Chongba’ has a simple meaning and this is about dancing under the light of mood. It is certainly a culturally affiliated festival of several residents of this state.
The Maoist statement said that this should be the duty of each Manipuri to preserve the sanctity of this festival. The significance of this festival is slowly degrading because of its celebration at any time. Some people are just focused about their benefits and degrading the essence of regional traditions.
The Maoist also blamed state government over its failure to control it. The Press Release also has a point regarding District Administration. It said that all such programs need permission from the local administration. We have noticed that people are organizing this festival using loudspeaker and that too, without having permission from the District Administration.
Why are these existing law-enforcing agencies not stopping such celebrations?
The Maoist group has blamed state government for selling regional tradition in the format of Gujrat. This government has opted the way to exterminate our culture and traditions. It is being done by destructing locals from cultural sanctity.
The statement said that this is nothing else but lawlessness in our state. This state government looks like blind to various other concerns too. We all can see that crime against women is increasing. But state government is doing nothing about it.
Maoist further appealed locals to join hands and come for stopping such attack over Manipuri culture. Group also appealed for a public movement if the state government didn’t control such Thabal Chongba festival celebrations.