Taxation department of Manipur has confirmed that post Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime in the state, tax collection has substantially boosted. Also, many businesses have come ahead for voluntary registration for GST.
Hrisikesh Modak, commissioner taxation shared all this in a press conference at his office in North AOC, Old High Court complex. He further added that 550 crores have been collected since GST regime from April last year which is 10% better than last year’s tax collection. Hrisikesh Modak attributed this record tax collection to the recent formation of an enforcement team which was strictly implementing GST guidelines. As GST return policy, department was able to collect 48.50 crores only in February month. Our department is not contented with the increase of tax collection but we are working to face the challenge of achieving the ultimate goal of GST.
Commissioner Taxation also shared about the enforcement team. The recently formed team has 13 officials and this team has done lots of surprised raids of shops and establishments in the state. These raids were completely over those who had not worked as per the provision of GST return policies. Moreover, this enforcement team also worked for random checking of freight trucks over national highways of the state. Recently, this team intercepted trucks carrying sand without paying taxes over Imphal-Dimapur road. This enforcement team was led by deputy commissioner, Thari Sitkil along with assistant commissioner Premjit Khuman.
In the state, around ten thousand business establishments have reportedly registered for GST and still counting. According to the commissioner, due to this enforcement many shops, which have not registered for GST, are compelled to come forward voluntarily fearing the consequences. During surprised raids of this team, 15 shops have been sealed in February only besides imposing tax on trucks plying on highways as penalties for tax evasion.