Delhi girl Lavanya Jha, a visually impaired student, has scored 97.4%. Lavanya scored a total of 487 points out of 500, notching the highest marks in psychology, 98. Yes, she got the third-highest among differently-abled students who appeared in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) class 12 examinations.
Lavanya Jha moved from her hometown Patna to Delhi when she was in Class 11 to pursue her plus-two education. She said, “I moved to Delhi to study better course subjects. I always knew that I wanted to do Humanities in Class 11 and 12”
Lavanya’s father, Abhay Deepak, said that Lavanya has lost “40-43% of her vision” by now. Lavanya was diagnosed in Class 9 with a genetic disorder leading to visual impairment. But, she did not let her obstacle come in the way of academic excellence. Lavanya’s achievement mantra was simple —self-discipline and regular practice. She fixed her goals and pursued them with willpower and aspiration.

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