Sept 8, Imphal, residents of the Torbun bazaar, Moirang, spotted a very bizarre cloud formation and on top of the cloud was a black spherical object with distinct outlines. It was a Friday evening and the sky was filled with dark clouds, the clock was ticking 5:35. It was then a few children playing saw the cloud shining brightly in the sky which appeared to have golden and crimson hues, all with dissipating black clouds.
One of the residents of Torbun bazaar, named Thongam Sunder, who is 19 years old saw this mysterious site and recorded a video on his mobile. The video which was approximately a minute long went viral on social media today. Apparently, Sunder along with some other children saw this mysterious cloud formation and also happened to notice a black spherical object flying amidst it. When asked about the scenario by IFP, Sunder said, “It was quite unusual, I have never seen such a sight before, it was like a scene from a science fiction film”. He also added that in a span of 2 minutes from then, the red clouds along with the black spherical flying object suddenly disappeared.
An astrophysicist and a popular singer, Akhu Chingangbam commented on this incident saying, “I am someone who believes in the existence of other intelligent beings. We, humans and the Milky Way galaxy are nothing special if we study the vastness and content of the Universe. There might be other beings.”
There are many different explanations and theories coming from different personalities considering this incident. Sceptical comments like these videos can be easily manufactured as hoaxes and other scientific explanations that it could have been a mirage resulting from unusual atmospheric conditions are coming from all over the world.
IFP has sent this video to the popular paranormal activity researchers like SecureTeam and MUFON hoping to receive an accurate analysis from the.

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